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September 2018

An email received this summer from a former client - Much appreciated


"Dear Ms. Burton,


Just thought it might be interesting for you to see one of your old paintings. I purchased this from an exhibit that you were having in a small gallery in Cabbagetown years ago. I have been living in Switzerland the last ten years and this painting has travelled with me everywhere I go. It has lived in NYC and also Munich for years. I have enjoyed it always. It seems to differ a lot from your paintings of late. 


Greetings from Rapperswil on Lake Zürich,


Eileen Radostits"


Museum installation

The Arthur Child Heritage Centre of the 1000 Islands

In the Summer months I spend a good deal of time at my studio on the St. Lawrence river, the inspiration of much of my work. I have become involved with the very charming Heritage Museum in Gananoque.

As part of their permanent collection, they have a fabulous model of a Victorian cottage totally furnished in the period. It is portrayed standing by the river’s edge in a group of birch, which are illustrated by an enlarged segment of my painting “Night Watch.”

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