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Doors Open studio 433 project - The state of our nation now?

Recently much has been written on the subject of the place of our flag as a symbol of Canadian life & values.

Historically, we have not been a nation of flag wavers like our southern neighbours. The flying of it tended to be on government buildings & in border towns. Our own home grown flag has only been around since 1967.

This all suddenly changed early in 2022 when a large group of 16 wheelers & pickup trucks massively descended on our nation’s capital, flying our flag on their vehicles & cloaking their bodies with them. These protesters designated our flag as a symbol of “freedom.” Not freedom from a genuine oppressive, unelected government or military coup d’etat; but freedom from the advice & recommendations of our well respected medical officers of health & scientists in how to deal with a Global Pandemic as best as present knowledge allowed, while sparing as many lives as possible.

So here we are, somewhat distanced from the event & just how is our country doing?

For “ Doors Open” I welcome you into my studio to add your artistic contribution to a participatory art work. I have done an under painting of a flag like map of Canada. You are asked to contribute to this overall presentation with paint, graphics, collage etc. As long as what you add is not offensive. Be honest & constructive.

I had hoped that the Covid-19 virus would be subdued more than it is at this time. I regret that I have to request that the participants joining me in my studio be fully vaccinated. That is having received 2 doses of a vaccine in addition to a booster.

I look forward to your visit on May 28.

Doors Open project

May 28, 2022

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