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The Winter of 2014, as most of us here in Toronto will agree, was the most

bitter in approximately 20 years. I was very happy to hole up in my studio!

As it was in December, I had taken on a daunting commissioned work for a client with an architecturally designed home in the 1000 Islands. It was my largest work to date. The clients’ great room was 23 ft. high, the wall next to

the fireplace 9 ft. wide. We decided on a work 12 ft. high & 7 ft. wide. As it turned out, the constraints of my building required me to trim 4 inches from

each dimension.


The client had seen an image of an earlier sold work of mine from a previous exhibition. We decided on a larger, more Northern and re-imagined composition with a similar colour palate. I encouraged participation of the family members

in creative ideas. This required much more fore planning and sketching than I usually do prior to embarking on a painting. In the past I had usually combined

a preplanned image with some reference material such as photos and sketches combined with a lot of spontaneous brushwork and colour combinations.

This work was a more disciplined approach, but still a great learning opportunity. There is still opportunity for spontaneity within the work. The work is continuing but getting close to the finished state. More information is forthcoming.


Alice Burton

April, 2014

High Water   2006   Mixed media on canvas   70 x 53 in

1-Sketch and details.jpg
2_Sketch_details 2.jpg
3_Base layering.jpg
4_Sketch with canvas prep.jpg
5_Canvas upright.jpg
6_Work on trees_ sun.jpg
7_Trial elements.jpg
8_Change tree.jpg
9_Trial elements 2 .jpg
10_Skiff development.jpg
11_Getting there .jpg
12_Getting there 2.jpg
13_Rowing to Sundown.jpg
14_Rowing to Sundown+The Fish.jpg

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Completed Work

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