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Leafscapes - Back to the Land

The Spring Equinox is towards the end of March, the climate can still be awful but hope is in the air. I got my first Vaccine shot against Covid-19 that same week and slowly started to come out of my cocoon, where I had been huddled along with my creativity for a long year. Some called it "Covid brain fog". I wore bright green to my appointment, the colour of new growth, slim pants and a sleeveless top, like a strong stem. The colour of re-emerging leaves.

I pushed myself to do some work in the dark days, working on memories based on travel; but it wasn't until I turned back to painting nature that my inner muse was given her scape. 

I was drawn to some of my earlier works featuring leaves in varying shades, always so contemplative, a magnetic force. Turning to producing new works I was encouraged to discover that leaves again had magic.

Alice Burton, 2021

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